How to make your Facebook profile picture not clickable

Facebook is a lager social network in this world. Facebook is the most of the best medium for communication. With the help of Facebook you can connect to different people from anywhere in this world because almost every people around the world use Facebook. We can share our feelings and what’s happing around in our daily life thought Facebook. We can also get feedback from our friends and their reaction about our feelings. But now we are talking about our Facebook profile security. Because many time we seen that hacker hack account or any other people save your profile pic and misuse it. Many unknown users came on our profile and save our profile picture but if we make it un-clickable then no one can save it. 
For some facebook user profiles if you click on their profile picture you’ll get the full view of the source image (the image which they originally uploaded) opened in facebook image viewer where download,Tag,Share and Send options are available.


Many people do not want others to click there profile picture and view enlarged version of it (Specially the girls would want that)

If you are one of those and want to make your profile picture unclickable. So I have solution for you just follow the steps below

So our today’s topic is : How to Making Your Facebook Profile Photo Un-clickable.

Use Below steps:
1)       Go to your Albums – > Profile Pictures
2)       Select your current profile picture.
3)       Adjust privacy setting to “Only Me”

So that’s it we have done with ​How to Make your Profile Picture Unclickable on Facebook. Hopefully you enjoyed this post.
Thank You
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