How To Make DOS Bootable USB Stick

How To Make DOS Bootable USB Stick

Hey Guys if you want make a DOS bootable USB stick then we are telling you that “How To Make DOS Bootable USB Stick ” Booting into DOS mode helps you in various ways in different situations. It comes in handy when you don’t have access to your Windows Operating System (like corrupted Windows) and you need to transfer files here and there.

Required Items
  1. USB Stick
  2. HP Format Utility
  3. Boot files
You have already got the USB Stick. I will provide the rest, don’t worry. Just click here and download the file. I have included the HP Format Utility and necessary boot files in this package.

HP Format Utility

Now we are starting the all steps.
  1. Download the package and extract it somewhere
  2. Install the SP27608 which is the HP Format Utility actually
  3. Extract the win98boot to some folder, let’s say boot
  4. Insert USB and open HP Format Utility
  5. Check Create a DOS Startup Disk
  6. Click the browse button and select the folder boot (created in step 3 )
  7. Click Start
  8. You’re done

So these was very siple steps.

Your USB is now ready. Here is how you can boot into DOS using this USB Stick.

  1. Plug in the USB Stick and restart your PC
  2. Go to Boot Menu at start-up by pressing the corresponding key (depends on your PC)
  3. Select the USB and press ENTER.
  4. You will boot into DOS Mode in no time

The only problem with this DOS mode is that you cannot access NTFS file-systems because it works with only FAT file-systems. So as long as you’re working with FAT, you can play around with this thing.

We need to do one more thing. As of recently, I came across another useful software that will do the same job for you but in a matter of few clicks. Its called Rufus and it’s free. You can download it right now from their official website here. Here is a screen shot of Rufus


Simply select your USB Flash Drive and choose FreeDOS or MS DOS in the “Create Bootable Disk Using: ” option. You can also load an ISO image directly to your Flash Drive! that’s useful if you are interested in installing Windows through USB but that’s another story. Now all things are done.

Thank You.
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