How to kill task in cmd by pid

Friends you like windows computer but sometimes we found some task hang and need to close or kill but if mouse or keyboard not work on kill then we can use command to kill that process. Today we have a best post in which you can read “How to kill task in cmd by pid“. Each process must have a unique process ID in all windows operating systems like Windows 7, 8, XP, 2003, 2008 servers. You can find that PID from Task Manager’s process tab or by executing a command in command prompt.

So friends finding the Process Id (PID) of a windows process. Using task list command you can list all the running process in the system. And you can get the PID of each process from the command output.

Find the Process Identifieer (PID) from Task Manager
Steps: Open the task manager and select the “Process” tab.
Now select “View” from menu (on top) and select “Select Columns…”
Now tick “PID (Process Identifier)” and click “OK”

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