How to Install Lotus Notes 8 in Windows

How to Install Lotus Notes 8 in Windows

Topic : How to Install Lotus Notes 8 in Windows.

Friends in this post we are going to install Lotus Notes 8 step by step. Please see below steps.
Download the Lotus notes client from website than run the file.
If you already got the CD than you can run the installer directly from the CD.
Or if you have setup.exe file in your system then run it.
Click on next
Accept licence and click on next 
Type the user name and the organisation.
The default installation will be in c drive, you can change it to any drive or folder you want. But, if you select Multi User install, all Lotus Notes data files will be saved in each user My document folder.
If you using Multi user install, you can only change the program files not the data files.
Note that the default installation will not include Composite application Editor.
Don’t forget to select Make Notes my default email program 
Now Installation is finish, and let the fun begin.
An impressive flash screen. Note the Build On Eclipse remark.
Click on next
If you want connect to the Lotu Domino server, the user name must be created first.
Select additional services that you want to configure.
The configuration is completed.
A Clean Workspace, most people will love it.
A new Welcome Page, simple.
A whole new preferences, much more complex too.
New Default location, now only have 4 locations.
So friends these are very simple steps to install Lotus Notes 8.
Thank You

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