How To Improve Your Apple Watch Battery Life

Friends if you have Apple Watch No matter how cool the Apple Watch is, it’s only as useful as long as its battery lasts. After all, if it doesn’t power on it’s as useful to you as any other bracelet on your wrist. Until the launch of the Apple Watch on Friday, Apple was pretty mum about the stats of the battery. Apple has said the Apple Watch features “all day” battery life, which means all waking day, not 24 hours. So if we have a Apple watch then we need to save watch battery life
Inside the 38mm Apple Watch they found a 3.8V 205 mAh battery. Apple says the larger 42mm Apple Watch has slightly longer battery life, so it’s likely that that model has a slightly bigger battery.
Either way, all models of the Apple Watch are likely to last about 18 hours based on mixed usage. That’s not bad, but if you want to extend your Apple Watch battery life even longer.
Please follow below steps.

# Keep Bluetooth turned on on your iPhone

If you disable Bluetooth on your iPhone, the only way your Apple Watch and iPhone can communicate is via Wi-Fi. And Wi-Fi is so much more power hungry than Bluetooth. That’s why it’s always important to make sure Bluetooth on your iPhone is turned on.

# Disable the Activate on Wrist Raise feature

To disable the Activate on Wrist Raise feature on the Apple Watch choose Settings>General and turn Activate on Wrist Raise off.
 Always upgrade to the latest Apple Watch software.
To update the Apple Watch software open the Apple Watch companion app on your iPhone and go to My Watch>General>Software Update.

# Turn on Power Saving Mode to disable the heart rate sensor

To do so open the Apple Watch companion app on your iPhone and go to My Watch>Workout and turn on Power Saving Mode.

# Keep notifications to a minimum

The Apple Watch is great because you can simply glance at your wrist to check out your latest notifications. But remember: every notification you receive is a drain on your battery. With that in mind, disable notifications for any apps that aren’t critical. 

# Keep your iPhone software up to date too.

To keep your iPhone software up to date open the Settings app and go to General>Software Update.

Now if you follow these steps then you will feel an improve in your Apple watch battery life and its backup hours.

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