How to block apps from using data android

Hi Friends today my topic is “How to Block Internet Access for Specific App in Android Phone”

Android doesn’t currently have a straightforward, built-in method to control internet access for specific apps. You could root your smartphone (which means that you get full access to the device), but that is usually rather complicated, dangerous and voids the warranty, so another solution is  Mobiwol app. Click on Mobiwol to download app from google play store.

Mobiwol and other similar firewall apps work in the same fashion.

Once you have installed Mobiwol, go ahead and launch it from your list of apps.

To start up the firewall, tap the Firewall Status button in the main menu.

You will need to confirm the VPN connection: tap OK to do so.

From now on you will see a permanent notification, so you know that Mobiwol is active.

By default, Mobiwol allows all apps to access the internet, so now it’s time to block access for specific apps. To do so, tap Firewall Rules in the app window.

You will see the list off all apps with internet access. Find the app you want to block internet access for. To toggle access via mobile data, tap the mobile signal app near the app’s name.

To toggle access via WiFi connections, tap the WiFi icon near the app’s name.

When a particular connection type is disabled for an app, its icon will appear in black.

Done now this app is blocked for internet access.

Thank You.

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