How to activate Remote Phone Locking in Nokia

How to activate Remote Phone Locking in Nokia

How to activate Remote Phone Locking in Nokia

Hello Friends in case, you forgot or lost your cell phone somewhere, and you are afraid that someone might use your cell and see your messages or data in the cell than in that situation you just need to send a SMS from any mobile to your own mobile number with a lock SMS command. This would simply lock your phone, and it will only be accessible if one has the correct phone password to unlock it 

See below steps.

Step 1:  Go to Menu >> Settings >> Phone >> Phone mgmt. >> Security settings >> Phone and SIM card >> Remote phone locking.

                                      remote phone locking

Step 2: Select Enable and enter a “remote locking message”. This message is the SMS lock command, it must be at least five characters in length.

                                      remote locking message

Step 3:  Enter a PIN code, Default Pin is 12345 if pin not changed.

Now Test!!!
Send SMS from another mobile phone with the text message of remote lock command which you used in configuring remote phone lock. As soon as your mobile receives the message with lock command, it will lock your mobile…wow “Phone Locked”

Note: Pin code is needed to unlock the phone, so make sure you don’t forget your Pin code.

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