Google Drive Features For Android

Hey friends how are you ….in this post we are telling some best features of Google Drive. Yes friends Google Drive is installed on every Android phone, and it’s tempting to just use it as a basic cloud storage service. But there’s a lot more to it than that. You can use it for backups, as a Google Photos companion, for file sharing, and plenty more.

So now below we have some best features of Google Drive 

Back Up Your Phone:

To do this friends one of the things that Android still lacks is a complete, comprehensive backup system. To use it, open Drive and go to Settings > Backup & reset, then select Back up my data and set it to On. If you’ve got multiple Google accounts, choose the one you want to use, and you should also ensure Automatic restore is activated.

Scan Photos and Documents:

Friends to start scanning, tap the + icon in the bottom right corner and select Scan. Now take a photo of the document. The software will attempt to square up the image, and also crop any unwanted elements around the edges.

Now select the Crop tool to adjust the crop if you need to, and use the Color tool to save the image as either a color or black and white document. Finally, hit the check button to save it.

Friends if you scan a lot of documents, you can add a shortcut to your home screen for easy access. The shortcut is available as a widget.

Open Files in a Different App:

Friends now we are going to reads how to open any file in different app. Opening a file in Google Drive will open it within Drive itself, or within the default app for that file type. This goes for all common files, including office files, PDFs, images, and many more. But you might have other apps on your phone that can handle these files too.

Dear reader just tap the three-dot menu button alongside the file name, then select Open with. You’ll now see all the apps you’ve got that are capable of handling this file type, so you can select it from the list.

Add Home Screen Shortcuts: 

Now we are telling you how to add any shortcut on home screen. To add any thing on home screen hit the menu button alongside the file name and select Add to Home screen. The shortcut will be created in the first empty space on the home screen. You can drag it into place or move it into a folder, just like any other icon.

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Google Drive Features For Android

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Integrate With Google Photos:

Friends you can get Google Drive and Google Photos working together in a seamless — if slightly confusing — way.

To get started, open Drive and go to Settings > Auto Add. This creates a folder in your Drive called Google Photos, and it contains all the images you’ve got in the Google Photos app.

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