How To Recover WiFi Password Using Linux

Friends today we have a post for Linux user…..In this post you will learn “How To Recover WiFi Passwords Using Linux“. Yes friends we have 2 best way to recover wifi password by Linux.

Please see below two way.

Find The WiFi Password Using The Desktop

Friends f you are using the GNOME, XFCE, Unity or Cinnamon desktop environments then the tool used for connecting to the internet is probably called network manager.
Yes reader for this example I am using the XFCE desktop environment.
  • Now click on the network icon in the panel and click on “Edit Connections”.
  • Find the WiFi connection you wish to find the password for and click on “Edit”. 
  • Click on the tab called WiFi Security.
  • The password will be shown as a list of asterisks. You can show the actual password by clicking the “Show Password” checkbox.

Find The WiFi Password Using The Command Line

Now we are learn second way of wifi password recover trick. You can usually find the WiFi password via the command line by following these steps:
  • Open a terminal window
  • Type the following command to navigate to the folder where the connections are stored:

    cd /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections 
  • Type the following ls command to get a list of networks

  • Type the following cat command to list the file to the terminal window:

    sudo cat
Look for the section called [wifi-security]. The password is usually prefixed by “psk=”.
So friends we hope you loved our post thanks.
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