How To Mount A DVD Using The Command Line in Ubuntu/Linux

Hello Friends in this post we will discuss “How To Mount DVD And CD Using Ubuntu”. Friends in most cases when you insert a DVD you just have to be a little bit patient whilst the DVD loads. You will then see a screen similar to the one shown in this guide.

So friends the messages you will receive will vary depending on the type of media you have inserted.
For example, if you have inserted a DVD from the front of a magazine, which contains software designed to run automatically, you will see a message saying that the software wants to run. You can then choose whether to run that software or not.
Friends If you insert a blank DVD you will be asked what you want to do with the DVD such as create an audio DVD.
Friends If you insert an audio CD you will be asked whether you want to import the music into your audio player such as Rhythmbox.
So friends If you insert a DVD you will be asked whether you want to play the DVD in them.
We have a best way by command line.
How To Mount A DVD Using The Command Line
A DVD drive is a device. Devices in Linux are treated in the same way as any other object and therefore they are listed as files.
You can navigate using the cd command to the /dev folder as follows:
cd /dev
Now use the ls command and the less command to get a listing.
ls -lt | less
If you step through the listing you will see the following two lines:
cdrom -> sr0
dvd -> sr0
What this tells us is that both CD-ROM and DVD link to sr0 so you can mount either a DVD or cd using the same command.
To mount a DVD or CD you need to use the mount command.
First of all, you need somewhere to mount the DVD to.
To do this navigate to the /media/ folder using the following command:
cd /media
Now create a folder to mount the DVD into
sudo mkdir mydvd
Finally, mount the DVD using the following command:
sudo mount /dev/sr0 /media/mydvd
The DVD will be mounted and you can navigate to the media/mydvd folder and perform a directory listing within the terminal window.
cd /media/mydvd
ls -lt
We hope you loved this post.
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