How to recall whatsapp sent message

Hello friends how are you…we hope all  are you doing good. WhatsApp New feature release, Now You can delete or recall send the message on Whatsapp. How can anyone recall WhatsApp message, Is it Possible? Yes, It is possible, but this is a feature for a new update of the app. WhatsApp is popular web chatting application over worldwide. This is best but not perfect therefore developer of Whatsapp always change something in it. The new update is about recalled WhatsApp Send Message. Here, I am telling you about “WhatsApp’s Send Message Recall Trick.”

How to Recall WhatsApp’s Send Message


How to Delete or Recall Send Message on Whatsapp

Please see below steps.
Step 1. First of all update or download Whatsapp latest version or Whatsapp beta version. Currently, this feature is only in Whatsapp Beta version. Download Whatsapp Beta Version.
Step 2. Send a message to the friend, whatever you want. After successfully send a message on WhatsApp contacts.
Step 3. Now press on Send Message which you want to delete before 5 minutes. After 5 minute recall or delete option will disable.
Step 4. Now you can see, Recall option. Click on it.
Step 5. Voila after pressing on Recall option, your send message will be deleted.
Note: Now you can only delete send a message within 5 minutes. After 5 minutes delete option will disable.
Dear friends, here you know how to recall or delete send WhatsApp message. This feature is a beta phase, therefore, you can use this feature now only in beta version. After some time in new Whatsapp update, you can get this feature in the official app.
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